Careprost treatment for eyelashes and eyebrows including brush
Careprost is a product that acts on the hair follicle of the eyelashes and eyebrows helping it to grow and strengthening it, your eyelashes thus become longer, thicker and darker and stronger.
Have you always wanted cover lashes? Does the effect of mascara never satisfy you?
With Careprost you can lengthen your lashes and brows by 70% in 3 months.
Eyelash growth has never been easier, safer and more effective. It is used every evening on the base of the lashes with the appropriate brush and the results will begin to be seen already after 5-6 weeks.
Maximum result in 3 months !!
A 3 ml vial of Careprost applied every evening has a duration of about 3 months, 70-80 applications.
It is sold in America, Europe and is a Must Have in Italy to get a Star look.
How does it work
Careprost is a product that acts on the hair follicle of the eyelashes helping it to grow and strengthening it to make your lashes 70% longer than 80% thicker and 18% darker and stronger.
A 3ml bottle lasts almost 3 months, about 70-80 applications.
The product should be applied in the evening, 3 simple steps are enough:
- Pour a very small drop into the cap of the bottle
- wet the special brush in the solution
- pass the brush on the base of the upper lashes just above the eyelid, as if you were putting an eyeliner (horizontal movement) on the lashes without touching the skin, just one swipe on both lashes
The results can be seen already after 5-6 weeks, the maximum result in about 3 months, you will have long eyelashes + 70%, thick + 80% and dark + 13%. After reaching the maximum length of about 3 months, the maintenance must be done, because the eyelashes, like all hairs, have their own life cycle (growth, maintenance, fall) each independent, so when the new ones grow, you must necessarily feed them to make them as long as the others, then use the product every other day to maintain the length.
We always recommend a photo of the eyelashes at the beginning of the treatment and then after 5-6 weeks to see the first results.
It is also excellent for eyebrows where hair is missing, for asymmetries, too thin eyebrows, the final result can be seen after 3-4 months.
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