Is Careprost the same as the product sold in America?
Yes, the product is exactly the same as the one sold in America.
Has the product been approved and is it safe?
Yes, the product has been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as a product for eyelash growth.
Do I have to use Careprost every day?
Yes, even after reaching the maximum result, after about 16 weeks, we advise you to continue using the product every day. You can also choose to use Careprost on alternate days.
How long does a vial of Careprost last?
The contents of a Careprost vial is 3 ml. If used every day lasts 3 months cirac, 80/90 applications, as long as it is used as prescribed.
How should I apply Careprost?
Apply the product the night before going to bed and after cleaning your face. Make sure that there is no mascara residue and that any night cream has already been applied. Remove contact lenses and then replace them after 20 minutes or the next morning. Hold the vial upright and put a small drop inside the cap that serves as a container. Immerse the special brush in the liquid. Close the eye and pass the brush from inside to outside on the upper eyelid only on the lashes without touching the skin. How to apply an Eyeliner but on the lashes. Repeat the operation with the other eye. Be careful that the liquid does not enter the eye. If the liquid comes into contact with the skin, remove it with a tissue. Apply the product only on the upper eyelid, as the lower one is too delicate. Clean the brush after each use with running water and place it in a container.

Do I have to apply Careprost on both upper and lower lashes?
No, it only applies to the upper one as the lower one is too sensitive.
What happens if one evening I forget to apply Careprost?
Nothing happens. The following evening apply it as usual. It is useless to apply it twice in less than 24 hours! We strongly discourage it, it is only a waste of product, as the eyelashes absorb very little product.
Can I use any Eyeliner brush to apply Careprost?
Yes, but always be careful that the brush has a fine and clean tip. Better to use our supplied with Careprost.
What happens if I stop using Careprost for a few months?
When the application of the product is interrupted, the eyelashes continue to follow their life cycle, after about a month they will return to their initial length.
Can I use Careprost during the day?
Yes, as long as you do not use mascara. Better always at night.
Can I put mascara?
You can certainly use mascara and all the tricks.
I use contact lenses. Is it a problem if I use Careprost?
No, although it is important not to wear them while you are applying the product. If Careprost is used during the day it is important to wait 20 minutes after applying Careprost, before putting the lenses back on.
Are there any possible side effects?
es. The product can cause itching and redness, in 3% of cases the first 4 days. Do not apply the product on the lower edge of the eyelashes. Always apply a very small drop on the eyelashes avoiding contact with the skin.
What do I do if I have one of the side effects?
If, despite the correct use, there are side effects after 8 days, stop the use of Careprost.
Is the product also good for eyebrows?
Yes, it's okay where the hairs, the assymetries, the thin eyebrows are missing, the results are seen after 4 months.
Can I use Careprost during pregnancy?
To date, no adequate research has been carried out to answer this question. Better to avoid and resume once breastfeeding has ended.
How should I store Careprost?
Do not expose the product to temperatures above 25 degrees centigrade. Avoid freezing the product. Keep out of reach of children.
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